1. The Poseidon Adventure (Blu-ray)


    The Poseidon Adventure (Blu-ray)

    As the luxury liner Poseidon slices through the waters of an ocean storm, the greatest danger is already on board - a terrorist with an explosive message for the world. Detonated on New Year's Eve, the blast capsizes the ship leaving a motley few - the madman among them - struggling for survival in this upside-down life-and-death drama. Featurette, Interviews. Smart Menu Technology: Browse the menu, on screen, without leaving film. read more.

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  1. DragonQuest (Blu-ray)


    DragonQuest (Blu-ray)

    A vicious mythological beast has been awakened by a warlord ready to conquer the world. The only thing that can stop them - a pendant created to destroy evil - has been lost for centuries. To save the world from destruction, a young Keeper must learn the ways of the pendant, retrieve it, and summon his powers to battle the greatest force of evil the Earth has ever seen. Smart Menu Technology. read more.

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  1. 2 Blockbuster Movies: Great Classic Westerns - Angel And The Badman / Blue Steel


    2 Blockbuster Movies: Great Classic Westerns - Angel And The Badman / Blue Steel

    ATTENTION: REQUIRES NTSC REGION 1 COMPATIBLE PLAYERAngel and the Badman/Blue Steel (DVD NEW) Label: Platinum Disc Corp (Do Not UseFormat: DVD-STANDARDRegion: 1Release Date: 06 Nov 2001Video Format: NTSCNo. of Discs: 1UPC: 096009017699... read more.

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  1. Heist (Widescreen)


    Heist (Widescreen)

    Erik has one week to live. He must pay Luis, the head of a dangerous Colombian drug cartel, or he will die. Erik turns to the only person he knows who can reckon with Luis's empire - his brother, K, the leader of an L.A. read more.

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  1. Taste Of Life: Season Three (Full Frame)


    Taste Of Life: Season Three (Full Frame)

    Taste of Life" takes you to the most exquisite resorts, restaurants, and wineries around the world for a culinary experience that'll never be forgotten! Includes 17 episodes from Season Three.... read more.

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  1. Starhunter: Season 1, Vol.2


    Starhunter: Season 1, Vol.2

    The year is 2275. Earth has colonized the entire solar system, but things are dangerous out there. Enter Dante Montana (Michael Pare, "BloodRayne", "Crash Landing") , a reluctant bounty hunter haunted by his past, who, along with his crew, travels the universe in pursuit of dangerous interplanetary criminals, including The Raiders - an evil force that Dante believes kidnapped his son. Meanwhile, covert forces are waging a desperate war to unlock the secrets of the Divinity Cluster - powerful knowledge that in the wrong hands would mean universal domination. read more.

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  1. Lonely Street (Widescreen)


    Lonely Street (Widescreen)

    Bubba Mabry's family has an embarrassing tendency towards public gullibility, a trait he is determined not to exhibit himself. His grandfather holds the sad distinction as being the only fatality of the Martian invasion during the original 1939 "War Of The Worlds" radio hoax. Thanks to his unique family history, Bubba may not be Albuquerque's most successful private detective, operating from a seedy Motor Inn on Route 66 amid hookers and dope dealers. But when a man named J. read more.

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  1. Battle Planet (Widescreen)


    Battle Planet (Widescreen)

    Battle Planet" is an original Sci-Fi Channel (SyFy) production. Captain Jordan Strider, a Special Forces Officer in the New World Alliance, is chosen for a top-secret mission: to arrest possible traitors to the Alliance on a desolate planet. Instead, he learns of a plot to destroy the human race and must discover whether he's capable of saving the world. Starring Zach Ward and Brea Grant. read more.

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